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  • How do I get my heirloom fabric to you?

    You can ship to me via any carrier you’d like. I would suggest getting the package insured.

  • I live in the NY metro area and instead of shipping, can I drop off my wedding dress / heirloom fabric to you instead of shipping?

    Yes, we can discuss a good time for drop off, usually Monday, Friday, nights or weekends. Contact me here!

  • I have another embellishment (a brooch, bow, etc.) can I use that within the design?

    Yes! I can use other embellishments that you may have on your clutch! If for some reason I cannot work with it, I will let you know asap! You can always also send a photo to andrea@loveamarie.com and I will take a look at it.

  • I have an heirloom material other than a wedding dress (old shirt, tie, scarf) can I use that?

    Yes! Besides wedding dresses, I have used dress shirts, ties, cummerbunds to name a few! As stated above, you can always send a photo of the material to andrea@loveamarie.com for me to take a look at it. if for some reason it is too thin or another issue, I will let you know asap.

  • Can I choose my lining color?

    Yes! Our signature lining color is “something blue” but we also have others to choose from like champagne, blush, navy, sage, silver, etc.

  • Do I have to send the entire dress?

    No, of course you don’t have to! I usually do not need the whole thing, although I dont mind it if you cannot decide what to cut off

  • I don’t want to send the entire dress, how do I know what to cut off?
    I suggest cutting off any lace, pearls, other embellishments that you’d like to use on the clutch. at least enough lace to cover 13” x 6”. I usually don’t need the train or bottom part if it is just plain satin. If you’d like to use your dress’ satin for the body of the clutch, then you can send at least 30”x20” but if not, we can use our new body satins in white, ivory, champagne, etc.

  • I only have a few pieces of the dress left, can I use that?

    Yes! I can work with small pieces of materials. I will do my best to sew them onto the clutch i an interesting way. You also have the choice of upgrading your clutch to get additional hand-stitched pearls or sequins if you’d like!

  • I have more than one person that I would like to make something for, can we do them within one order while you have the dress with you?

    Yes! This is such a great way to I will prioritize to get you the one needed clutch first and then work on the rest of the family it it is a large order. I do like to cut them out at once, this way I can lay out different designs as I go. I aspire for family clutches to be unique, yet evident they are “cut from the same cloth.”

  • What do you make the body of the purse from? Do you have to use my dress fabric for the background If I don’t want it because it’s damaged/yellow?

    I can use plain satin from the heirloom materials upon your request, but I usually like to make the body from satins that I have on-hand.

  • I have no idea what I would want to do for my clutch design, can I just let you do your thing?

    Yes! at the least, I like to know what style and colors you’d like. As for design, I more than anything love sitting down and manipulating the fabrics into a unique design that best fits the clutch and materials I am working with.

  • Do I have any say of the design (like I would like to somehow include the buttons, etc).

    Yes, of course! during our design phase, please let me know if there are any specifics that you would love to include or don’t want to include. In some cases, this wish may need to be tweaked due to weakness/thinness of fabrics/lace or difficulty of old stitchwork, old glue, etc. In this case, I will use my best design judgement to make the most beautiful piece I can with the materials given

  • Can I put a message or date on the lining?

    Absolutely! you can upgrade the clutch to include vinyl, hand-painted, embroidered wording, date, initials, and monogram.

  • I don’t want the clutch to look too “bridally” is there a way we can use the heirloom pieces but tone down the distinct “bride” look and make it more of a neutral evening clutch?

    Yes, the main way to do this is to choose a “base” fabric other than white or ivory. Champagne, silver, etc. are great choices to marry the heirloom fabrics with a more evening clutch feel rather than bridal.

  • Can you do anything else with the leftover fabric and lace?

    A few other items that I have made with the lace from heirloom dresses are handkerchiefs, ornaments, I even plan on venturing into putting it onto silk bridal robes and shoes!

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  • I don’t have any “heirloom” pieces but I would like to use some fabric cut off my current wedding dress for my wedding, can we do that?

    Of course! I can work with extra pieces that may get cut off during your dress alterations, to make a clutch that coordinates directly to your wedding dress.

  • I don’t have any “heirloom” pieces, can I still make a custom clutch somehow?

    You can! If you would like to make a completely custom (non-heirloom) clutch, I will work closely with you to choose colored fabrics and embellishments that fit the style of your wedding and gown. Choose from colored or neutral fabrics, beading, rhinestone or pearl embellishments, florals, whatever your heart desires!

  • I want my clutch to coordinate with the current wedding gown the I will be wearing, can I show you a photo of my dress? Yes! I love having inspiration! We can always coordinate with the style of dress to make the clutch style go well with it or match an embellishment that will accentuate the dress’ special accents.

  • Does my clutch have to be a “bridal” color? I would rather another color, can I choose something other then white or ivory?

    Of course not! If you’d like to have a fun pop of color or one of your wedding accent colors, I’m all for that!

  • Can I put a silk flower, brooch, rhinestone applique, or some other embellishment on my clutch?

    Yes some of my favorite clutches have beautiful florals or beaded or rhinestone appliques. We can find something that works perfect for you!

  • Can I choose custom fabric to use?

    You can! I always encourage the bride to get as involved in the design process as she likes!

  • Can I choose the fabric for my bridesmaids?

    Absolutely! We can work with a pattern, solid, beaded fabric, or any special fabric (as long as it isn’t too thin!) I will assist you in finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids to use on your special day and after!

  • Can I get a monogram or name on each clutch?

    Yes, depending on the outside fabric, we can monogram the outside or inside lining.

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order logistics, keepsakes, bridesmaids, collaborations, events

  • How far in advance do I need to place an order?

    Ideally, at least 8 weeks in advance is the preferred time. It also depends on if we need to special order any materials or embellishments. I do try to accommodate the best I can within my production schedule and only take a certain amount of custom clutches per month.

  • My wedding is in 1 month, can I still get one made? I will try my best to put you into my production schedule, it usually depends on the order amount at the time and if we need to special order anything for you. Please keep in mind, I am only able to take on a certain amount of custom clutches per month, but always try to make it work!

  • How does your production schedule work? As orders come in, and materials and embellishments are received, I add it to my production calendar. I do try to prioritize by needed wedding or bridal shower due date. I also only take a certain amount of clutches per month and then I close orders for that month when the limit is reached.

  • What other add-ons or upgrades can I get with a clutch? You can get a message (name, monogram date, saying) on the lining of your clutch; hand-painted, hand-stitched, or in vinyl, extra pearls or sequins added on, use 2 or more pieces of heirloom fabric (grandmother’s veil, mother’s dress, grandfather’s shirt, father’s tie, etc.)

  • How will you ship the order? I will ship via United States Postal Service, Insured Priority mail, unless otherwise discussed. If you’d like overnight or international mail, we can discuss this for an extra cost.

  • Can I meet you in-person for a consultation? Do you do video meetings as well? or good ol’ phone? Yes! I would love to chat with you in person or on the phone or Google Hangout. I am available on Mondays and Fridays for phone/video calls. For in-person, I am available Mondays, Fridays. I also can be available at night or a weekend by appointment only.

  • When do you respond to emails? I always try to respond within 24 hours. Monday and Friday are my dedicated work days as I work as a nurse Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so email is limited during business hours at that time. I always try to respond as soon as possible!

  • Do you offer special group pricing if I am ordering for my bridesmaids or a corporate gift? Yes, please contact me to discuss this!

  • Do you custom paint group orders for bridesmaids? Yes! I would love to make group gifts for your girls! I can customize with their initials, name, a little icon, etc. We can look into any type of product you’d like and I feel is suitable for the type of paint I use (includes leather!) Contact me here to discuss!

  • Do you do live painting special events for corporate? Yes, I will now be offering this as a new service! I am able to paint on and personalize gifted items for your clients and guests on location.


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